Start 2018 off right with the Sénuvo Body SIMs Challenge!! This weight loss challenge encourages you to use the Sénuvo Body SIMs for Weight Management and Performance, exercise, eat healthy foods and drink lots of water to get fit and lose weight. Submit before and after photos for a chance to win one of three incredible prizes. One first, one second and three third place winners will be selected.


First Place: Free Sénuvo Body SIMs for a Year & One All-Expense-Paid Ticket to the Sénuvo Leadership Academy

Second Place: Free Sénuvo Body SIMs for Six Months & a Spa Day

Third Place: Sénuvo branded jacket (three winners)


Jan. 8 – April 2, 2018


Take photos of yourself from three different angles (front, side and back). Make sure you’re holding the “Before” Body SIMs Challenge sign found here. Wear your Sénuvo Body SIMs. Clothing must be form fitting. Write at least one paragraph telling us your weight loss goals. Email photos and your goals to [email protected]

For the next three months, make sure you’re wearing your Sénuvo Body SIMs for Weight Management and Performance to drop the weight. Include exercise, plenty of water and healthy foods to maximize your results. Win a free Sénuvo T-shirt when you submit your before and after photos and post about the Challenge on Facebook at least 3 times per month for three months. Use hashtag #BodySIMsChallenge and #Senuvo. Submit questions by emailing [email protected]

Then, April 1-6, email new photos of yourself from the front, side and back with the “After” Body SIMs Challenge sign found here. Clothing must be form fitting so we can see your results! Write at least one paragraph about your experience. Include total weight and/or inches lost.

April 13 winners will be announced on Facebook.



To help you achieve your weight loss goals with the Body SIMs Challenge, we’ve created a fantastic promotion! BUY TWO SÉNUVO BODY SIMs FOR WIEGHT MANAGEMENT AND GET ONE SÉNUVO BODY SIMs FOR PERFORMANCE FREE! Pairing these two SIMs together will help maximize your results for the Body SIMs Challenge!

The Body SIMs Challenge is a great way to get in shape, drop extra pounds and share the Sénuvo Body SIMs! We can’t wait to see your results!