Sénuvo began in the sweltering heat of Peruvian mineral mines. A seasoned business professional named Bryan Davis wasn’t accustomed to the necessary manual labor and intense sun of the harsh environment. The locals told him of a potent, native root called Maca that would give him “more power!” Bryan searched the local markets for Maca.

Finally, he met an old woman who only spoke Quechan—a native Inca language. The woman told him that Inca warriors prized Maca because it provided legendary strength and energy. She said that Maca was valued by some more than Inca Gold! Bryan started taking the Maca. With his decades of experience in the Health and Wellness industry, Bryan had never experienced results like this! Even the natives noticed his increased strength, stamina, and vitality. Bryan began mixing the Maca with other local Superfruits every day to create an unmatched Superblend.

When Bryan returned home to the United States, his body craved this Superblend. He found countless scientific studies that proved the astonishing power behind Maca and the other ingredients in the Superblend. Then he partnered with experts in nutrition, medicine, and chemistry to create a Maca Superblend he could share with the world. He also discovered an award-winning crystallization technology to lock in all of the nutrients. Bryan realized this was a new beginning and he needed to tell the world what he had found. Inspired by the French word for “new” (nouveau), he created a company named Sénuvo.

Bryan knew the fastest way to bring a new and unique product to market was through the power of direct sales. He surrounded himself with an experienced Executive Team. They developed the Sénuvo Power Crystals, Sénuvo Foundation and Sénuvo Body SIMs™.

They also created the Sénuvo Powernary™ Compensation Plan—a lucrative plan that pays on the Power Leg, offers ten levels of Team Matching Bonuses, and generates 2.5 times more income than the industry average! Sénuvo also dedicates a portion of its profits to the Mission Mobility, a non-profit organization that provides prosthetic limbs to those in need. Today, thousands of Independent Business Centers around the world are empowered by the goodness of Sénuvo’s life-changing products and business opportunity. They have been empowered to provide health and wealth to themselves,their families, and their organizations for generations to come. They have been empowered to change their own destiny with Sénuvo!

Sénuvo—Goodness Empowered