Jumpstart Your Business with GO SÉNUVO!

GO SÉNUVO is a custom, Sénuvo App built to help you learn, grow and share—all with the click of button. Each and every section of the App was carefully crafted to make it easier than ever to build your Sénuvo business. The App is available for Apple and Android and in English, Spanish and Chinese, making it a snap to get started.

First, the video section entitled “Prospects” allows you to chose one of four specific prospect types. Then professional marketing videos tell your prospects why Sénuvo is right for them! Share videos through text, email or various social media platforms using your phone’s existing contacts.

Next, the “Products” section teaches how Sénuvo Body SIMs work. It also explains the purpose of each product and shares product testimonials from real customers. This section also features an interactive Body SIMs placement tool to show you exactly where to place each SIM and how to enhance each SIM for maximum results.

The “Compensation” portion of GO SÉNUVO has a video highlighting the benefits of the Compensation Plan. It also shows ranks, requirements and monthly targets. With the Comp Plan Slider, you decide how much money you want to earn each month and the App automatically tells you what you need to do to get there!

Finally, the “Join” section allows you to enter your Enroller ID to get prospects enrolled on the spot. This feature is perfect for signing up prospects at the end of a home meeting, lunch appointment or on the go—all from your phone.

GO SÉNUVO is the fastest, easiest way for you to take your business to the next level. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to get started today!

Ready to download GO SÉNUVO now? Click here for Apple and here for Android.