Are Sénuvo products safe?
Yes. Every Sénuvo product is safe and great for your health! Our products are all made from plants, foods and herbs that are found on the Federal GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) List. Sénuvo uses no harsh chemicals or preservatives in any of our products.
Are Sénuvo products manufactured to industry standards?
Yes. In fact, many of our manufacturing processes exceed industry standards. We work diligently to make sure our products meet and exceed the standards of the Health and Wellness industry.
Can Sénuvo products be purchased in retail stores?
No. Our products are only available for purchase through Sénuvo Independent Business Centers (IBCs). They are also available for retail purchase here (Link to
Are Sénuvo products organic and all natural?
All Sénuvo products are made from organic foods, plants and herbs. They are 100% all natural. Sénuvo products meet and exceed the highest quality standards in the industry.
Do the products have fillers (excipients)?
No. There are absolutely no fillers (excipients) in Sénuvo products. You will never find fillers in Sénuvo products. At Sénuvo, the purity of our products is an absolute priority!
Are there studies available for the product ingredients?
Yes. A comprehensive list of all the ingredients and benefits are available in your WebOffice or by emailing [email protected].
Do you have product trainings?
Yes. Online product trainings are available here.


How experienced is the Sénuvo management team?
Sénuvo’s management team has over 100 years of combined network marketing experience and over 130 years of business experience. Our management team is extremely experienced in holding meetings, opening new markets, bringing products to market, solving problems and supporting leaders. Each of them has been very successful with other network marketing companies as well as in other business ventures.
Where are the Sénuvo headquarters located?
We are located in Utah in the United States of America.
Does Sénuvo do business in other countries?
Yes. Sénuvo’s complete product line is available in multiple countries and our Sénuvo Body SIMs can be shipped worldwide.
Does Sénuvo have offices in other countries?
Yes. Sénuvo offices are in the U.S., Taiwan, Thailand, Australia and Europe.
What are IBCs?
IBC stands for Independent Business Centers. This is the name of Sénuvo’s independent distributors.


What is a Business Starter Pack?
Business Starter Packs are the fastest and most effective way to build your Sénuvo business. Not only will you receive discounts on product, you will have the opportunity to fast track your Sénuvo career by increasing your rank to a higher level, thereby achieving a higher commission percentage! The contents of each Starter Pack are listed in your WebOffice or by emailing [email protected].
Do I have to quit my job to become a Sénuvo Independent Business Center (IBC)?
No. You can work as much or as little as you want. The more hours you put in and the harder you work, the greater your success. The vast majority of IBCs start working part-time. Some IBCs transition from part-time to full-time as their organizations grow.
How much time do I need to invest to be an IBC?
That depends on you and your goals for your Sénuvo business. On average, you can develop a successful business with only 5-9 hours per week. The more hours you work, the greater your success.
How much money do I need to invest as an IBC?
That depends on you and your goals for your Sénuvo business. If you purchase a Business Starter Pack, you will receive discounts on product and fast track your Sénuvo career. Business Starter Packs increase your rank to a higher level, thereby allowing you to earn a higher commission percentage!
Can I upgrade to a higher level after I sign up?
Absolutely! The best way to quickly move up in rank at Sénuvo is to purchase a Business Starter Pack. These Starter Packs are the best way to boost your rank and therefore increase your commissions.
Will I receive training and support when I become an IBC?
Yes. Your WebOffice offers trainings, sales aids and other tools to help you get started. Sénuvo holds regular conference calls, webinars and events to help you. Your Enroller and your Upline can also provide you with training and support.
Do I need to sponsor or recruit new IBCs?
You can be an IBC and not recruit other IBCs. However, in order to maximize the Sénuvo business opportunity, you will want to begin by recruiting others. Sponsoring other IBCs exponentially increases the amount of volume and product sales in your business. Most of all, it gives you the opportunity to help others become successful and financially independent.
Will I need to consume or use Sénuvo Products?
You will want to become familiar with the Sénuvo products and their health benefits. One of the best ways to share the Sénuvo products with your friends and family is to share your own personal experiences. The more you know about Sénuvo products, the more you will be able to share with others.
Do I need to sell Sénuvo products?
Sénuvo offers incredible products and a lucrative business opportunity. To be successful, you will need to share the products with others and help your team do the same. The more you and your team sell, the more money you make! Your Sénuvo replicated website is a great tool for selling product. You can also introduce the Sénuvo products to your friends and family.
What is a downline?
Your downline are the people who enroll below you. Your downline consists of the people you recruit personally as well as the people who join your organization through your team members.
What is an upline?
Your upline are the people who enrolled you. Beginning with your Enroller, your upline is an incredible resource of mentors and trainers. Remember, you have many people in your upline who will be willing to help you, not just the person who introduced you to Sénuvo.


What is network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM)?
Network marketing is a business model in which the sales force is compensated on the sales they generate as well as the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit. Instead of spending money on expensive advertising and retail space, Sénuvo pays Independent Business Centers (IBCs) a commission on products sold. This is a great business model for entrepreneurs, individuals wanting to work from home, people looking for long-term careers or career advancement and anyone wanting to change their lives. If you are willing to put in the effort it takes to be successful, you can achieve the lifestyle of your dreams with network marketing.
What is a pyramid scheme and how is it different from network marketing?
Pyramid schemes compensate individuals only for recruiting other participants. Pyramid schemes are illegal because they don’t have any products. Sénuvo is not a pyramid scheme because we sell many life-changing health and wellness products.
How long has network marketing been around?
Network marketing has been around since the late 1800s, over 150 years.
Who succeeds in network marketing?
Anyone can succeed at network marketing as long as they are willing to work to earn lucrative commissions and bonuses.
How can I succeed in network marketing?
Start by educating yourself. Use the tools available in your WebOffice. Attend trainings and events. Ask your upline for help. He or she can provide you with training and support. Most importantly, start sharing the Sénuvo products and business opportunity with friends and family.
Where can I start my network marketing business?
One of the best things about network marketing is you can build your business anywhere in the world! The most important thing is to start sharing.


Where can I start my network marketing business?
One of the best things about network marketing is you can build your business anywhere in the world! The most important thing is to start sharing.
What it the Sénuvo Powernary Compensation Plan?
Sénuvo’s PowernaryTM Compensation Plan is a lucrative plan that pays on the Power Leg, offers ten levels of Team Matching Bonuses and generates 2.5 times more income than the industry average! That means you get paid more at Sénuvo than you would anywhere else.
Is the Sénuvo Powernary Compensation Plan a binary plan?
No. Sénuvo operates on a non-binary matrix, meaning you are able to grow multiple organizations or legs! This is unique to Sénuvo’s lucrative compensation plan because it allows you to make an unlimited income!
How does the Sénuvo Powernary Compensation Plan differ from a binary plan?
The Sénuvo Powernary™ Compensation Plan allows you to build an additional leg once the stronger leg (or Power Leg) reaches maximum commissions ($20,000 per week). Plus, our plan pays on the power leg so you get paid more.
What is Commissionable Volume (CV) and how is it calculated?
Commissionable Volume, CV is the point value attributed to each product. We calculate all bonuses and commissions based on CV.
What is a Power Leg?
The Power Leg of your organization is the leg with the highest volume of sales (CV) during a given weekly commission period.
What is a qualifying leg?
The qualifying leg of your organization is the leg with the lowest volume of sales (CV) during a given weekly commission period. As you grow, you will need to place recruited IBCs in qualifying legs and power legs to balance out your organization.
What is a cycle?
A cycle is the means by which a qualifying leg and Power Leg balance each other. You qualify for commissions when your qualifying leg reaches 200 CV and your power leg reaches 300 CV.
What is PET?
Personal Enrollment Tree. This refers to all the IBCs that you have personally enrolled and all the IBCs they have personally enrolled.
What is the S.T.A.R. Bonus?

The S.T.A.R. (Sénuvo Team Advanced Rewards) Bonus lets you earn a bonus every time your new Enrollees make a qualified purchase. Received bonuses up to three levels deep. 

What happens when I reach the weekly commission cap of $20,000?
You can start building a new leg that will automatically be a Power Leg. It’s just like opening a new location in traditional business. There are no limits to the number of additional legs you can grow after each leg reaches its commission cap! You can start to see why Sénuvo offers the most lucrative compensation plan in the industry!
Is the Team Matching Bonus in addition to regular commissions?

Yes. The Team Matching Bonus is one of multiple bonuses you can earn in addition to regular commissions! Click here for more details 

Do I have to be on autoship?
No. However, to qualify for commissions, you will need to purchase Sénuvo products at the minimum autoship requirement. You can also purchase a Business Starter Pack with prepaid Autoship to qualify you as active for longer periods of time.
What is the minimum autoship?
To qualify for commission, a minimum 80 CV autoship is required.
How much does Sénuvo pay out in commissions and bonuses?
55% of CV with no breakage! Sénuvo has the most generous compensation plan in the industry!
How often will I be paid?
You will be paid every week that you qualify for commissions.


Are taxes taken out of my commissions and bonuses?
No, all taxes are the responsibility of individual IBCs.  As an IBC, you are not an employee of Sénuvo; you are an Independent Business Consultant. As a result, you are responsible for planning and paying any and all applicable State and Federal taxes.
How am I paid my commissions and bonuses?
When you sign up as an IBC, you will receive an email from a company called iPayout. The email provides a link to apply for a Senuvo Paycard. After you receive the card, you can request to put your commissions on the card.
When will I receive my Sénuvo PayCard?
The card usually arrives 10-14 business days after you complete the simple online form found in the WebOffice.
Where can I use my Sénuvo PayCard?
Sénuvo PayCards are accessible at ATM machines and where Visa and MasterCard are accepted.
Do I receive an accounting of my commissions?
Yes. It can be found in your WebOffice.
Can I see who has generated sales for which I am getting a commission?
Yes. You will find this information in your WebOffice.
Will I have to repay commissions at any time?

Only if you were paid commissions on product that is returned and refunded. 

How often are commissions paid?
Commissions are paid weekly, monthly and yearly depending on your rank and commission levels.
Can I have my commissions paid to me by check or ACH transfer?
Yes. You can be paid by check or ACH upon request and will be subject to a $10 processing and handling fee.
Can I assign my commissions to someone else?


How and where do I access WebOffice?
Complete the “Join Now” section of the Sénuvo website. This will ensure that a WebOffice has been created for you. You can access your WebOffice by visiting and clicking LogIn. Then enter your IBC number and password.
Is WebOffice unique to Sénuvo IBCs?
Yes! Our WebOffice is written, maintained and updated right here at Corporate Headquarters. This allows for greater flexibility, quality and functionality.
Is WebOffice country specific?
Yes, all you have to do is select your country of interest.


Can I order Sénuvo for someone else?
Yes. In your WebOffice, click “Order Now” and follow the instructions. Please ensure that both the billing and shipping addresses are correct.
Do I have to order using an IBC number?
Yes. IBC numbers allow us to effectively track orders and calculate commissions.
Do I get commissions on products ordered?
You will receive commissions on all products ordered in your organization but you will not receive commissions on your personal volume (PV).
Where can I order Sénuvo products?
After you log into the WebOffice, select the Order Now tab.
Can I place orders on the Sénuvo corporate website?
No. Orders can only be placed in the WebOffice or on your replicated website. This allows us to effectively track orders and calculate commissions.
Can I use someone else’s credit card when I place an order?
Yes, as long as you legally have permission from the owner of the credit card.
Can I modify my orders?
Yes. If you need to edit an existing order, please call Customer Service at (801) 890-5100 or email [email protected]
What if still need help?
If you need assistance, please call customer service at (801) 890-5100 or email [email protected].


Do I need to sponsor or recruit new IBCs?
You can be an IBC and not recruit other IBCs. However, in order to maximize the Sénuvo business opportunity, you will want to begin by recruiting others. Sponsoring other IBCs exponentially increases the amount of volume and product sales in your business. Most of all, it gives you the opportunity to help others become successful and financially independent.
How do I recruit new IBCs?
One way to recruit new IBCs is to share the Sénuvo products with your friends and family. You can also invite them to a presentation held by your Enroller or Upline Sponsor.
Where do I enroll new IBCs?
You can enroll new IBCs in your WebOffice, on your replicated website or on the Sénuvo website. We recommend that you send potential IBCs to your replicated website available at ID#. IBCs must sign up with your specific ID number in order for you to get credit for enrolling him or her.
How do I place IBCs in my PET (Personal Enrollment Tree)?
Go to the WebOffice and click on PET Report. Now you can place your new enrollees.
What pack is best for me?
We recommend that you start with a Business Builder pack. These packs provide a combination of popular items at a better value and higher commissionable volume.


Do I have to buy a Business Starter Pack?
You are not required to purchase any packs. However, in order to be considered an active IBC and qualify for commissions, you much purchase a minimum autoship of 80 CV. You can sign up for autoship in the WebOffice.


Does Sénuvo offer a product guarantee?
Yes. Sénuvo offers a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee (less shipping and handling) to all IBCs and Retail Customers. Promotions and Special Offers may not be eligible for refunds.


How do Retail Customers return Sénuvo products?
Retail Customers should return any unused product to the IBC who sold them the product along with the sales receipt the IBC gave to the Customer.
How do IBCs return Sénuvo products?
Please call Sénuvo Customer Service at (801) 890-5100 or email [email protected] to receive a Return Material Authorization Number (RMA#). All returned product must have a RMA# written on the outside of each returned box.
Do refunds have to be placed back on the credit card that originally paid for the order?
Yes. We are only able to refund items back to the original credit card.