How & Why Sénuvo Body SIMs Work 


As the human race becomes more sophisticated, our understanding of science increases exponentially.  Many technologies have been developed that were previously thought impossible. If you were to tell someone in the early 1800s that they could speak to someone miles away, they might tell you that it was impossible…until the telephone was invented in 1876. We have been taught the basics of the universe. But, according to NASA, scientists can explain less than 5 percent of the universe. The beauty of science is we are constantly learning and evolving.

Let’s consider one of the most innovative scientists and inventors in history, Nikola Tesla. You probably know Tesla because of the iconic electric cars but he is best known in science for his contributions to modern electricity. He also helped developed early x-rays, remote controls, radios, generators, and wireless communication devices. Tesla was fascinated by electromagnetic waves. Another important figure in science is Dr. Konstantin Meyl who researched Tesla’s findings over 100 years later. Meyl was able to repeatedly prove the existence of the electromagnetic waves and expand on Tesla’s theories.

Telsa’s research built a framework for modern science. Tesla believed that everything in the universe was made of waves of energy, frequency and vibration. At the time, no one believed Tesla but now science has proven him right. Just think about light waves, sound waves, radio waves, frequency and vibration. Research has shown that electromagnetic waves and frequencies affect the human body. For example, sunlight causes the human body to produce Vitamin D. Doctors use ultrasonic and electromagnetic frequencies to speed recovery time. We also know the body can store electricity and frequencies. Consider a time you walked across the carpet and shocked someone around you. Exactly! Scientists also know that the body uses frequencies for internal communication. Think about the complex central nervous system. It is comprised of neurons using frequencies to transfer information throughout the body.

Now let’s consider acupuncture and acupressure, a traditional Chinese medicine that dates back to over 3,000 years. Acupuncture is based on energy flow within the body through channels called meridians. These meridians are electrical pathways that carry energy and information throughout the body. Mental and physical stress, injury, illness, and pollution cause these pathways to become blocked. Blocked pathways hinder the body’s ability to function at its optimum ability. Simulating specific acupoints in the body helps free these electrical pathways. Acupoints can be triggered with needles, pressure, heat and electrical stimulation, clearing pathways and improving overall health and wellness.

Using enormous amounts of research and development, Sénuvo has found ways to apply cutting-edge, holographic technology in combination with the practice of Chinese medicine through Sénuvo® Body SIMs! SIMs stands for Synergy Infused Modulators. Sénuvo Body SIMs technology has very unique properties. First, Sénuvo Body SIMs are able to store specific information. Advanced computers use holographic storage to accumulate massive amounts of data. Similarly, Sénuvo® Body SIMs store electromagnetic waves. Each SIM uses specific frequencies designed to produce a desired effect on the human body.

Sénuvo Body SIMs also stimulate acupoints and enhance the body’s ability to repair the meridian system. The frequencies embedded in Sénuvo® Body SIMs communicate with the body through this system. Whether it is to increase athletic performance, relieve discomfort, aid in a better quality of sleep, or lose weight, all Sénuvo Body SIMs are created to send the body unique messages through specified frequencies. The combination of this formulated frequency technology, in conjunction with traditional Chinese acupuncture, creates a cutting edge message and delivery system used by the human body.

Now let’s look at the practical application of Sénuvo Body SIMs. Sénuvo Body SIMs for Discomfort were created to relieve discomfort, increase blood flow and encourage faster recovery. Below are before and after photos of a subject with severe shoulder pain. On the left photo, you can see that the back of the shoulder is inflamed and bright red. The right photo was taken approximately 30 minutes after six Sénuvo Body SIMs for Discomfort were applied to the shoulder. The inflammation appears to have subsided substantially, usually resulting in much less pain and quicker recovering.

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