Restore Hormone Balance For Optimal Health
Hormones are chemical messengers that impact your cells and organs. If your hormone levels are out of balance, it can affect every aspect of your body including energy levels, weight, metabolism, digestion, memory, sexual function, sleep and skin. Hormones can even play a role in cancer.1 Hormone imbalances impact millions of women every day. The most common symptom of a hormone imbalance is fatigue.1 Up to 85% of women suffer from Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). Many researchers believe that PMS and countless other health problems are caused by hormone imbalances.2

Sénuvo Balance™ restores the body’s hormone levels to achieve optimal health. As part of the Sénuvo Foundation, every ingredient in this unique formula was included to help the female body regain balance and health. For example, Dong Quai is the premier Chinese women’s herb; women in Asia have used it for centuries. Known as a “female ginseng,” Dong Quai is an anti-inflammatory and improves mood.3,4 Ginger reduces nausea, pain and bloating.5 Vitex is an herb used widely in Europe for hormonal symptoms. Studies have shown that Vitex is just as effective in improving mood as Prozac!3 The German equivalent of the FDA even recommended Vitex for menstrual irregularities, breast tenderness and PMS.2


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Every day, take two to four capsules as needed. Take morning and night. Consult with your health care professional if you are nursing or pregnant.


Sénuvo Balance™ was specifically formulated to restore hormone balance and achieve optimal health. Each of the ingredients have been used by ancient people to promote healing. Today, those ancient tonics have been backed by modern science. The result is a perfect blend of natural ingredients that restores balance to your body.
“I am 26 years old. I have suffered from extreme menstrual cramping every month for 10 years. I have tried many medicines and herbs but they didn’t work. The pain was so bad I was taking painkillers every month, even though they aren’t good for my health. My mom gave me Sénuvo Balance. A week later, I had my period and I had a lot less pain. The next month, I didn’t have any pain. I also have increased energy and I am a lot happier. This is awesome!”


Maca is a root native to the Andes Mountains of South America. For centuries, Inca warriors reportedly ate Maca to generate legendary strength and energy. Today, Maca has been shown to increase energy, stamina and libido, improve mood and balance hormones.6 Animal studies suggest Maca can reduce stress, reduce prostate size, control blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure.7

Blessed Thistle has been used for indigestion, nausea and constipation.4 It supports the digestive system, specifically the liver.8 Blessed Thistle also helps minimizes menstrual symptoms such as bloating and indigestion.9

Dong Quai is the premier Chinese women’s herb. The name literally means “return to order.” Dong Quai stimulates the production of red blood cells and relaxes muscles, especially in the uterus.4 Dong Quai helps improve mood and regulate menstrual cycles.3

Ginger can aid with many PMS symptoms including nausea, pain and spasms.4 It can also help relieve headaches, bloating, edema and uterine bleeding.5 Ginger has been proven to help improve mood, behavior and the physical symptoms of PMS.10

Ancient Greeks and Romans used red raspberries for medicinal purposes. Today, red raspberries are used for pregnancy and menstrual concerns. It strengthens the uterus, lowers blood sugar levels and supports a healthy urinary tract.3,4

This flowering plant is used for colds, flu and digestive issues.4 It helps reduce internal bleeding and menstrual cramps.11,12

Known as a crown jewel, Vitex helps calm hysteria.13 Studies have shown it can be just as effective in improving mood as Prozac! Vitex balances female hormone levels and improves fertility.3

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) said Grape Seed Extract is used as a remedy for heart conditions, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor circulation, diabetes, vision problems, cognitive function, swelling, cancer prevention and wound healing.14

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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